This documentation is intended to help deploy and manage many Thunderbird installations at an organization.

Benefits of using Thunderbird in an organization

Thunderbird comes with a number of key benefits which make it an excellent choice for organizational deployments of any size. Whether you are a small organization, a government institution, or a large enterprise - Thunderbird has been designed to scale to your needs.
    Cross-platform desktop email client packed with features
    Integrated calendar application (PIM)
    Integrated chat client
    Advanced Search and Filter tools
    Inbuilt message encryption (OpenPGP, S/MIME)
    Customizable with a large variety of add-ons
    Built on the latest Mozilla platform technology
    Security, privacy, data ownership
    Designed for efficiency
    Implements accessibility standards
    Open source code - transparency without proprietary mysteries
    Cross-platform policy support and configuration options for large and centralized deployments
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